Rainforest Capital

Rainforest Capital was created in 2005 to develop and invest in market-based solutions that conserve and restore critical forest habitat.  It is accomplishing this mission by acquiring and enhancing land to make it attractive to conservation investors, initially in the Mamoní Valley in Panama.  In 2014 it added Ceiba Enterprises to its portfolio, extending its operations within Panama and into Colombia and beyond.

A For-Profit Approach to Land Conservation and Restoration

Rainforest Capital is a development and investment company that creates profitable market opportunities while restoring and conserving tropical forest habitat.  Our strategy focuses on the ownership or long-term lease of large-scale landscapes where critical rainforest habitat has been deforested or faces imminent, near-term threat of deforestation.  By tapping emerging and established markets for sustainable land practices in forestry, real estate, ecosystem services and energy production, we create working land preserves that generate investment returns. To succeed in this approach, we establish long-term partnerships with local non-profit, non-governmental and indigenous community groups.

We also develop communities designed to inspire and celebrate the stewardship goals of each project, creating a “village within a preserve.”  We strive to deliver compact, context-sensitive design that achieves off-the-grid energy independence through energy efficient and community-scale renewable energy strategies. We call this community-driven approach  “biocultural conservation and restoration,” and believe that the task of protecting our planet’s rainforest habitat and related communities can be achieved by tapping the power of capital seeking market–rate investment returns.

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